January 13, 2010

Honduras Departure Date Coming Right Up...

It's that special time of year again when Pete, Audrey & Austin all dream of warmer weather and not because they can't wait till spring (although that is certainly true!)
It is time for their mission's trip to Honduras!! This is their third trip to this Central American country and they can't wait! Last night Audrey went to the packing meeting...  they bring pot luck dinner and pack up bag after bag of medicines, vitamins, clothes & supplies to take with them to give to the people who come to the clinics! She said so far they have thirteen 50 pound bags!
This is one of the clinics from a previous trip.... as you can see, this church had no walls or partial walls made from tarps! The people are geniunely thankful and for most of them, this is the only time in the year where they will see a doctor or dentist. I know that wouldn't break some of our hearts, but if it wasn't by choice it would be different I'm sure!
 They leave on the 21st of January for Boston and fly out around 5PM to Houston, TX. They will have fun sleeping at the airport (NOT) and leave there in morning for
San Pedro Sula, Honduras and then have about a 2 hour ride by vehicle into the village that they use as 'home base'. Needless to say, they'll be excited and exhausted when they arrive!

PLEASE keep them all in prayer.... they have a team of eight people going this year!
(Pete, Audrey, Austin, Roger, Sue, John, Debbie & Ron)

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michelle5959 said...

Good luck, travel mercies for all and HURRY HOME! Share the word, work and love of Jesus...