January 8, 2010

Another Interesting Challenge.... BREAD!

Not sure how I'm going to pull this off,  but I'd like to challenge myself to make at least one type of bread each month. Something new and different then I've made before...  artisan breads, callah, baguettes, marbled bread, english muffins, bagels, pita bread, rye & pumpernickle bread and donuts just to name a few ideas!! I think this would be fun! What do you think? I have two new bread cookbooks... 'Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day' and 'The Panera Bread Cookbook.' I'm excited to get started!!

1 comment:

Mntmoose Happenings said...

umm, do you have too much time on your hands by any chance?? haha....maybe you can use us as your taste testers ?? :) or maybe come over some saturday and we'll try something TOGETHER!!! yea! I'm still trying to figure out the cinnamon buns recipe I have.. :)
oh.. Is Travis your teacher?? :)