October 9, 2008

Is it TOOOO Soon to Mention.... ?

Don't shoot the messenger, but do you realize that Christmas is only 2 1/2 months away?! That doesn't set too well with me.... Let's try 77 days??? Nope, That definately didn't help! Last try... 11 weeks... well, that sounds a little bit better. But any way you choose to count it, it is still coming right around the corner. I was counting as I was typing, so my reality check happened right along with yours!

My goal this Holy-day season is "REMEMBER THE REASON FOR THE SEASON"! I am vowing to keep costs DOWN and SPIRITS HIGH! I'm starting my search for a Christmas devotional to help me keep perspective. Let's keep our eyes fixed on WHO came for us that first Christmas morning, why He came and what we can do for others!
Have you read Jotham's Journey?? This is our family FAVORITE advent devotional!! There is something for everyone of every age in this book! The author keeps you on the edge of your seat chapter after chapter! I can't recommend this book HIGHLY enough!! It isn't too early to start planning! AND... no, I don't mean making your lists and checking them twice, UNLESS that list is one of good cheer and encouraging tidings for others! Make sure to add an advent devotional to the top of your to-do list!! The first day of Advent this year is November 30th! :)

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