October 23, 2008

We Were Blessed With Another Gary Day!!

We've been missing our buddy Gary. Audrey asked his mom if he could come over for the day! She went to get him this morning and did a couple of errands and then brought him back to our home!! He enjoyed 'his' toybox for a while and then he and Audrey took a little walk outside. Gary went out to help feed and water the bunnies....... (Sookie is checking him out too!)
and then he helped to collect the eggs! (Yes, he did carry two eggs inside!) Audrey asked him what happens if you drop an egg. At first he said "pick it up" and then he laughed and said "splat". He had fun listening to the rooster! (Cock-a-dooodle-do)

We can't help but smile and laugh with him! He is such a happy guy! He blesses our day when he says "Do you know you're an angel?" or "You're lovely." What an awesome young man... I wish everyone could have a special friend like we do! :)

We are already making plans for his next visit!!

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