October 9, 2008


This might be silly, but as I opened a can of frozen orange juice and removed the lid tonight, I had flashbacks! You may ask, 'what in the world is there to flashback about frozen juice lids???' Well, let me tell you ... there are LOTS of uses for juice lids!! My kids were raised using juice lids! :)
All of a sudden I was transported back in time to when the kids were making lots of ooey-gluey projects! Juice lids are PERFECT because they have lips on them... I'd squirt a puddle of glue on each lid and give each child a popsicle stick to use as a glue stick (fingers work too)! We made lots of Christmas tree decorations using old cards, felt & glitter! One year I used pictures of the kids and made decorations with them! They made great magnets for gifts with pictures or other art work! The kids made them into snowmen face & flower magnets etc. LOTS OF FUN!
Another way to use juice lids was to glue construction paper on one side and then put one chore on each lid. THEN, put them all in a paper bag and let the kids draw out which chore would be their responsibility!

Here's one more idea: take individual pictures of everyone in your Bible study group, then trace the lid on the picture and cut out each person and glue it onto the lid and glue a magnet on the back! NOW for the fun part.... put all the picture magnets in a paper bag or basket and have everyone draw one out!! This is the person they will be praying for! They can post the magnet reminder on their refrigerators at home as a reminder to pray for them!! :)

SEE WHAT I MEAN?... THE IDEAS ARE ENDLESS! THERE'S SOOO much fun to be had with 'juice lids' ... a common throw away item! I would keep a gallon sized Zip-Lock bag filled with them waiting for our next inspiration! AHHHH, what a fun flashback!
PS.... The picture is because that was about the age all the fun using juice lids & glue began! I know I have some pictures of them actually crafting SOMEWHERE!

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mad4books said...

What a fun flashback! Who knew juice lids were so useful?

Love the pic!