October 19, 2008


Count your many blessings, count them one by one.... I'm remembering this old song from way back. It is more then a song, it should be a way of life for all of us!! It is always easier to look at what we don't have or what we want to have, but it is much more important for us to take an inventory of how much God has blessed us..... I challenge you to start writing them all down and then keep adding to your list as time goes on!! It is wonderful to be able to look at the list especially when we are down or feeling overlooked and lost!
Blessings.... (here's a 'middle of the book' start of listing over 40 years of blessings)

I am thankful first of all for my salvation and for that of my family.
I thank God for my health and my kids' & husband's good health!
I'm thankful that we live in a free nation..... so often taken for granted.
I'm thankful that we are able to provide daily food for our family, and that we can raise & grow so much of our food.
I'm thankful for our beautiful surroundings... the colors have been magnificent!
I'm thankful that we are in good relationships with our parents!
I'm thankful for an AWESOME church family (both those we worship with on Sunday mornings and those who attend elsewhere!)
I'm thankful for our friends..... a strong support system of love!
I'm thankful for music... it has touched our family from the very beginning and is a source of joy.
I'm thankful that our kids own their faith-walk and are walking in the way of the Lord.
And yes, I'm thankful for our faithful dog, Toby!Start your list..... it is amazing!! Here's an idea; make a thank you notebook!! List each month and then either look backwards January through now .... or start now and go forwards!! :) THEN make it a part of your personal thanksgiving day devotional to thank God for the year of blessings! Keep your list growing.... recognize every gift is from God..... small or large. (Read James 1:17) EVERY good & perfect gift is from above!! :)

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