July 19, 2008

We had an awesome trip to Ocean City, NJ!! We rented a condo with a pool and within a 5 minute walk to the ocean!! Yes, we did have the best of both worlds! Not a worry in the world for a whole 10 days.....

AAAAhhhh, I highly recommend it to EVERYONE! OK, you don't have to go to the ocean, but find an escape route for at least a few days, it is wonderful to relax and not think about what is going on out there in the big world! (OK, just unplug the phone, stock up on yummies and a few good books and hang out in your air conditioned bedroom!)

Pete actually got up and out to the beach one morning to watch the sunrise. He took this picture on his cellphone!! Isn't this a great picture?! NO, I did not get up to see this amazing wonder.... I may have if I had more then a few hours of sleep the night before! :)

I'll be sharing more pictures after Audrey puts them on the computer! For now, I'm back to unpacking & organizing...

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