July 9, 2008

June 30, 1915 - July 1, 2008 "My Nana"

We lost the matriarch of my mother's side of the family. My grandmother died the day after her 93rd birthday.My grandmother is in the middle with her 4 kids!! Uncle Bert (in the stripe shirt), Uncle Ron, my mom (with the necklace) and my Aunt Donna! This picture was taken at Nana's 90th surprise birthday party!! She was so funny... never believing that she was 90 (never mind 93!) she'd look at you in shock saying she couldn't possibly be that old! I would tell her my age and remind her that I was her GRAND daughter... and then I'd tell her the ages of her GREAT grand children... and she'd sort of resign herself to her age! :)
Pete and I are with my grandmother in my cousin's yard in 2006. Nana is 91 here. My last and happy memory of Nana is seeing her in church! My cousin's son was baptized at our church and my Aunt Donna brought Nana to it too.... she LOVED being in church! She hadn't been in church for a while and I was kinda concerned how she'd do..... (loud contemporary music, 30+ baptisms etc.) and I should have NEVER worried!! Nana had alot of fun.... she was actually dancing to the music!! Who would have guessed that in only 1 month's time, we'd be gathering for her funeral.

She outlived my grandfather by 16 years..... God blessed them both! They had 4 kids, 8 grand- children and 15 great grand-children! It all started with 2 people in love...... kinda makes one think doesn't it??!

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Anonymous said...

My Dear Friend Mel,

I'm sorry to hear about Nana... as I said on the phone. What WONDERFUL memories you have shared with all of us though! My Nana went when I was only 12 so I have memories about that last summer because instead of spending it with my Dad, I was with her. Then other childhood memories but that's it. I don't think she ever got to meet any greats... but she watches us from above for sure!
Love Shelly