July 29, 2008

More Vacation Pictures As Promised....

The boys Austin (left) and Travis (right) are finger fencing in the pool with Ben (back) & Jesse (facing). I think the object to this game is NOT to be poked by someone!! It was rather funny watching them! Brute strength at its best...... Here's an amazing picture.... I can see that I'll do a whole other blog of sunrise & sunset pictures! The views were simply awesome! God's handiwork is gorgeous!
Travis & Jesse heading back into the ocean water! Guess what.... this year we saw 3 dolphins swimming! It was the first time I've ever seen this in the wild! They are such graceful animals!
This horseshoe crab is one of Pete's early morning finds! He put his sneaker near it (it is not alive) and the whole thing is longer then his shoe.... and he wears a size 12!!
Here is everyone waiting to go on one of the rides on the boardwalk! Closest on the right is Austin, Audrey, Ben, Travis & Mimi.... I think they are waiting for the Ferris wheel! We all had a fun night.... from the Ferris wheel we went to the bumper cars! OH Yeah.... that was some fun and crazy driving! :) We had a wonderful time in Ocean City, NJ....... We stayed in a condo next door to our friends' condo! These kids have grown up together and have been friends all their lives! Actually their boys (Ben & Jesse) actually did sleep in our kids' cribs a couple of months before they did!! So, as their worlds turn..... the friendships have been forever!!

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