January 31, 2008

Gringas For Dinner...

Tonight we had gringas for dinner! This is one of the meals that Pete, Audrey & Austin ate while in Honduras. They said what we came up with was similar ... but not the same as how they had it down there! I diced up tomates, peppers (lots of colors), sweet onions and added a little bit of chili powder and hand squeezed the juice from half a lime. (Later comments... the fresh veggies should have been diced up more finely.) I peeled and mashed up two avocadoes into a separate serving bowl. They weren't sure if it was suppose to have lime or any spices, so I added nothing. (it wasn't whipped like they had it, so there must be a special trick I don't know about!)

Then we fried tortillas. Place one tortilla in a frying pan, add shredded moz. & cheddar cheese and some diced ham then top this with another tortilla. Fry lightly on both sides and remove to stack on a plate.... plan on at least one per person. How to eat this.... I was told this is a NON-FORK meal! :) Cut the tortilla into 4 pieces like a pizza, add a layer of mashed avocado to each wedge then top with the fresh cut veggies! It is filling and VERY YUMMY!

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mad4books said...

Oh,'re nearly making TEX-MEX up there!

(Next time, try a little chopped fresh cilantro in both the veggie mixture and the guacamole! A little goes a long way, but the taste is so mmmmmmm.)