January 9, 2008

Stowaway on I-93

I left home 'bout 2pm for my afternoon drive to Concord... approximately a 40 minute ride. I arrived in time to indulge myself for ten minutes of reading "The Negotiator" (By Dee Henderson) (A MUST READ BOOK!) so far everything about this trip was normal and routine!

My student spotted the van, walked over, opened the slider and asked... "Why do you have a cat in the van?" Surprised by his question I asked intelligently... "What??" He followed with the same question, "Why do you have a cat in the van?" By now, I understood the question, but thought he was teasing (which is well out of character) so I was still a bit stumped. My response was "Are you serious? There's a cat in here?!" It was quite comical actually, my student got in and scooped up the cat. They were sitting directly behind me so when I turned around to see what (or who) he was holding... I was astonished to discover my stowaway was non other then Travis's cat YODA! :)
I had unloaded a few grocery bags in the morning, so the only thing I can conclude is that Yoda jumped in while I was taking bags out of the back! I never saw him! He never meowed or made his presence known during my entire 40 minute drive south!! We were blessed with balmy, spring-like weather in the low 60's yesterday, so Yoda must have decided to enjoy the warmth in the van, got himself too cozy and fell asleep! He was the perfect 4-legged passenger!! He never fussed, didn't crawl under my feet nor on my lap, he just curled up on the floor and went back to sleep. After dropping my student off, I scooped Yoda up and he rode in the front passenger seat the rest of the way home...

I wish I could understand kitty-talk, it would be fun to hear his side of the adventure!!


mad4books said...

I laughed out loud at the thought of a cat stowing away ANYWHERE with me...I'm the opposite of a cat person and would be tempted to leave it at the SPCA of the second location.

Jk. Maybe.

You are so lucky that Yoda didn't flip out during the trip; can you imagine what would have happened if he woke up as you were doing 65 on the Interstate? The wreck would probably have been spectacular!

A. Sanborn said...

OMGosh Mel... too funny! TOTALLY surprised that he was so calm and didn't vomit! Aw, memories! *LOL*

Love & Hugs :)