January 1, 2008

Happy New Year & The Countdown Begins...

HAPPY 2008 NEW YEAR! Can you believe it.... it is snowing AGAIN! We are suppose to get another 6-12 inches during the day & into the evening! (Yesterday we got 4-5 inches!) You may not remember, but last year ON NEW YEARS DAY, we had a major ice storm.... hmmm, I wonder if this is a new trend for NH New Years?

Here's a family picture taken at my parent's home on Sunday afternoon! The kids laugh & tease as they look at me and say; "short people in front!" I wonder who they are talking about?!!
We had a wonderful evening last night! We (all 5 of us) spent the evening at the Walsh family home with a few other families... laughing, chatting, playing games, eating! The kids took turns on the snow mobiles out in the yard/field and everyone had a blast! (And to think, I thought we'd be leaving around 10PM or so... truth be told, we didn't get home til close to 1:15AM!) THANKS RITA & STEVE!!

Ten days and counting until Pete, Audrey & Austin leave for Honduras! They have completed their typhoid immunizations. (Did you know that the typhoid immunization is given in 4 oral doses?) They took the last of the pills last night and tomorrow night they will begin the chloroquine, taken weekly, for a malaria preventative!

They are getting excited as they make decisions on what to bring and how to pack! The group of eight will be loading up on the evening of the 10th and spending the night at one of the team member's homes so that they can all get an early start out for Boston on the 11th! Please keep them in your prayers!


mad4books said...

Ooooh...the trip sounds exciting and scary and wonderful...and Karen and I will be on the Prayer Team!

Melanie said...

THANKS A MILLION FOR THE PRAYER SUPPORT! :) Personally, I'm looking forward to the 'We are here!' phone call and then seeing all the pictures & hearing the stories when they get back! Thanks again for the prayers... :)