January 14, 2008

What's Better Than Hot Sliced Bread???

..... A friend with a plow truck! :) Yup... you read that right! We are in the midst of ANOTHER SNOW STORM bringing in 6-12 inches of the pretty, fluffy white stuff!! Since Pete, Austin & Audrey are away, that leaves Travis & Me to do the shoveling here and next door! (Ya, I know... poor babies!) LOL

To make a long & whining story very short... I wanted to let you know that some wonderful friends just called, came over and plow out our dooryard! THANK YOU GOD! AND... THANK YOU D & L! They were on their rounds of plowing and since they know that Pete is in Honduras, they offered to plow us out!! :) HOW COOL IS THAT..... GOD KNOWS EVEN THE QUIET, UNSPOKEN PRAYERS of our hearts! What took them 15-20 minutes would have taken me (us) a couple of hours anyways!!

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