June 22, 2011

Sprouting... I'm Trying It Again!

                                          I decided to give sprouting a try again! I found this
Easy Sprout kit and bought some organic seeds
for sprouting. These seeds are a 3 part salad
sprouting mix...   alfalfa, broccoli and radish!
 First you put about 2 Tablespoons of seed into the 
liner cup (it has holes on the bottom) and rinse the 
seeds, swishing them around a little bit.

Then, you put the liner into the outer cup and
fill about half way with water, up the cover on and....
 let it sit for 5-6 hours on the counter
out of the way of direct sunlight.

Rinse thoroughly... and now get at much 
water out as possible. (twirl the cup with your hand
in the sink.  The centrifugal force will 
pull the excess water right out!) 
It was amazing after soaking about 2 tablespoons
of seeds for 5 hours, you could really see them
swell up already!

You do this every 12 hours for about 5 days....
End of day 2
 End of day 3
Middle of day 4

Day 5 starting to green up

I'm not sure if I put enough seeds to make the sprouts
grow up to the top of the container.
But they are close!!

They are DELICIOUS on a salad and in a sandwich!
I'm amazed at how easy this was... 

Check it out on Youtube:
Sprout People
They make it look soooo easy! And
it really is!

I also have a plastic lid with screen to use on a
mason jar!! You really don't need to
spend alot of money on sprouting!

I'm also sharing this on Simple Lives Thursday!

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