June 14, 2011

Roasted Veggie Soup.... A Corn Chowder Variation....

It is yet again, another cool, rainy day here in New Hampshire... but, it is ALWAYS rainy during this week of the year. It is motorcycle week! The bikers have had a rainy 'celebration-festival' more times than not lately, but they keep on coming! When we were kids... this was a weekend event, but for quite a few years now, it has turned into a full week (plus the weekends on either end) of events! Have fun and be safe!! (Yes, it can be done.... contrary to my brother's opinion!)

Well, since I am home and can't hang out the laundry, I might as well tackle this idea that has been mulling around in my head...  corn chowder but with a twist.

Roasted vegetables... mushrooms & zucchini and maybe even roast the potatoes & onions too! I looked online at the site I go to when I want to see if it has been done already... and I found roasted cauliflower soup (that looked good!) but not what I was looking for. SO... maybe this experiment will find me with another family favorite! I'll let you know what they said! Here goes!

First, I start the 'smoked ham hocks' in a little water. This will add nice flavor. I'm not using lots of water since I don't want to dump the flavor down the sink when I add veggies & milk! Now I know most people don't hocks in their freezer, and that's OK. Sometimes I use bacon, sometimes ham... this time, ham hocks.... so whatever you like or have on hand will do just fine! (I'm wondering how sweet sausage would taste in a corn chowder... but that's for another rainy day!)

Now, on to the veggies... I washed and cut up 6-8 small zucchini squash & some mushrooms & sweet onions.... tossed lightly with some oil and just a little bit of salt. Bake this at 450* for about 30-35 minutes.

Now use the same process to roast some red potatoes.... cut up the potatoes (when using red potatoes, I leave the skins on!) Bake till tender, approximately 35-40 minutes at 450*. Add all of the veggies into a stock pot and add your corn.... 

Then add your choice.... milk, Half & Half, heavy cream or a combination thereof! I use milk... and 1% milk at that, but I also add instant potato flakes to help with thickening it up a bit!

IT SMELLS DELICIOUS! The hardest part of this recipe is not nibbling on the roasted veggies or having a small serving of soup before everyone comes home for dinner!

Now I'm off to make some dinner rolls to go with it! 


Melanie said...

If I may say so myself... this is definately a do again recipe! Everyone really liked it and roasting the veggies gave the over all flavor a great boost! :)

Anonymous said...

What if you also roasted the corn? Mmmm...