June 20, 2011

Crochet Project Hex Squares Tote

I found a neat looking project online a couple of weeks ago.
It is one that involves making 'hex squares' instead of 'granny squares'
and them attaching them to form a bag.
Colors... well, the finished ones I found online had all sorts
of colors! Some were orange, yellow & brown, others were
reds, blues, yellows, greens etc...  I chose to go with
a bright & happy looking bunch of colors.
These were easy enough to make...  I've never liked
switching colors (I really don't like all the tails!)
but it worked out ok!
Attaching them was easier then I thought!
I'm not happy with the funky bottom, but I'll figure
that out with my next one...
                                                      The handles - straps were relatively
easy to make too! Now I just need to
pick out some fabric and make a liner
and it will be finished!

Below you can see the next one I'm working on... 
all blue with a yellow center! I think I'll make two 
different shades of blue... and see how that looks.  

LINKS for lessons on how to make this fun tote
can be found here:

I think I will make myself a 'granny square afgan'
now that I know how crochet the squares together nicely!

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