November 18, 2010

Christmas List Planner

My friend Anne told me of a great idea she was working on and
shared a website that hosted the "how to's" of this
creative little idea!  I took the main concept
and switched it up (or down) just a bit
to fit my own needs and style!

 Here is my completed project, complete with a
ribbon to hold it together!
I tri-folded a piece of cardstock paper and
stamped the outside cover.
Inside: I cut some designed paper to use as dividers
as well as some notebook paper.
Behind the first divider I have 8-9 pieces of paper
to use for notes of who I need to buy or make
gifts for... 
I'll also list ideas and the stores to
visit to make purchases!
I decorated & tucked in the envelope flap and
will use this to hold receipts (all in one place!).
Behind the other divider is note paper for lists of
"Christmas Ingredients",
the food that we have during the Christmas holiday season
and what I'll need to buy to prepare it.
And another envelope for coupons!
I'm sure there are LOTS of things that you can add
to make this work for you. You can decorate
with stickers instead of stamps. You can
change colors, add doilies 
or even buttons to decorate.
Next time, I think I'll adhere a page with
the calender on it to the inside cover!
Bottom line... it was fun
and I only used what I had in the house already!
NOW...  it is in my handbag ready to be used!

Check out Simple Lives Thursday hosted
at Sustainable Eats for more ideas to
simplify your life!

What are you using to keep yourself organized for
the wonders of the Christmas season?


Sustainable Eats said...

How beautiful! And good on you to start thinking of Christmas gifts now. I'd best do the same. I'm thinking everyone is getting something from my pantry this year since I'll be so busy at Christmas!

Thanks for sharing at Simple Lives Thursday.

Kelly said...

Very cute project!

I'm visiting from a blog hop! If you have a moment I would love for you to stop by and visit mine.