October 14, 2010

Simple Lives Thursday..... Scrap Note Paper

About a month ago, my sister in law and I were talking about a previous employer of hers and some of the odd jobs she had helped her with. One of these ideas I thought was VERY clever and I've started to implement! We ALL get junk mail....  more then any of us want or ever asked for, I'm sure!

In the past, I've tossed my junk mail into the trash without even opening MOST of it! Think of all the potential 'SCRAP NOTE PAPER' that it could become! In my house when anyone needs a piece of paper to write a note, phone message or grocery list we've grabbed a sheet of computer paper. 
Here's two days worth of junk mail... minus the grocery store flyers etc.

                                             NOW... see the note paper I've saved out of it!

There are 42 pieces of scrap paper just waiting to become a menu for the week, note to the kids, shopping list, to-do list for the day or some other important list!

The average size is approx. 4X5 inches...  I cut the long envelopes in half and then cut along the edges which then made 4 pieces of scrap paper! Some of these have a little bit of writing or a company motto on one side which is fine! They still are great to be used for notes for phone messages etc! Click on Simple Lives Thursday for more great ideas!


Melynda said...

Hi Melanie, thanks for stopping by Moms Sunday Cafe. Great idea for turning junk mail into scratch paper. Have a great day.

Sustainable Eats said...

This is so smart! When I have timee I shred it up for the worms but I like that idea much better. The kids are always wanting to use my sticky notes. Thanks for posting this at Simple Lives Thursday!