October 31, 2010

Psam 92: 1-4

It is good to give thanks to the LORD,

to sing praises to your name,

O Most High.

It is good to proclaim your unfailing love
in the morning,

your faithfulness in the evening,

accompanied by the ten-stringed harp

and the melody of the lyre.

You thrill me, Lord,

with all you have done for me!
I sing for joy

because of what you have done.

Psalm 92:1-4

1 comment:

mad4books said...

My heart is smiling. The Lord really does thrill me with all that He has done for me.

And how can I help but sing for joy when the Creator who shaped mountains and invented sea horses and set the tides in motion actually cares for me? Little old me?

Cared so much, in fact, that He saved me at heart-breaking expense...

P.S. Oh, Melanie! Isn't it wonderful that we can be friends in this life AND the next?