October 24, 2010

Flashbacks.... Boys, Men, Tonka Trucks & Backhoe Loaders....

Most of you know that we've had a hard summer with the water around here! Between the well being very low at times, the pump not working and then the water line needing to be replaced, it has been a trying summer. Pete was able to get a backhoe loader to use so we can bury the water lines. Earlier in the day, Pete started the dig to locate where the pipes were coming out from...  then he let the boys have a turn!

Today, after spending the day out with the girls, I come home to seeing my youngest, Austin... his buddy from birth Jesse and Travis outside in the dirt! Travis was up to his chest in the hole and Austin and Jesse are operating the backhoe!
YIKES...  talk about flashbacks!! I remember when these boys (plus Ben... Jesse's older brother) would play in the dirt at our old house. They'd dig big, deep holes and run their trucks all over the place moving dirt from one place to another! Aaaahh, ya, those were the days! Now my little boys are men. The toys are now BIG equipment and yet... they still come inside all dirty looking for snacks!! I guess some things are gonna stay the same forever! And, that's ok by me!

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