June 1, 2008

Gettin' Ready For The Girls...

How's this for getting the chicken yard ready!? Pete had borrowed the tractor so he could till the garden spot last weekend and while he had it, Austin moved the chicken house for me!

This building was a "Bob-House" (used for ice fishing) that we (Pete & the boys) made over into a chicken house a few summers ago! Last year we had turkeys in here and had them with a pen down by that last tree you can see on the left!
We are getting 6 new hens this coming weekend!! We thought it would be a good idea to house the hens separately from the bunnies! Instead of all the guys 'muscling' the chicken house into Pete's truck and then 'muscling' it down again and putting it in place, they strapped it onto the bucket of the tractor and Austin drove it up the banking!! :) They tell me 'Mom, we try to work smarter, not harder!" It makes sense..... I hope the chickens appreciate their new home!! We spent some time this afternoon getting the fencing in place (more to be done tomorrow) and the windows covered with hardware cloth (wire)! Pete, Travis & Aaron are just finishing up planting most of the garden (hopefully, the last of it will be done after work tomorrow) and the pizzas are just about to come out of the oven!! It is time to call it quits for now....... (besides, it is getting buggy out there!)

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mad4books said...

Cool! Wish I were there to buy some of your eggs.

Giving up eggs is just one of many reasons I could never go vegan. (Vegetarian? Sure. Vegan? A chasm to large to cross...)