June 29, 2008


Jackson, he is a Flemish Giant buck..... who's father is 15 lbs. Jackson is 9 weeks old and is already 6 lbs. He is a lovable guy!

Silas is our other buck .... he is a New Zealand White and will most likely grow to between 9-12 lbs!Below are the two does we brought home!

Here's Maggieand Ava...


mad4books said...

Umm...before I tell you how cute your bunnies I looking at INGREDIENTS?

Surely you did not NAME the rabbits you're gonna' skin and eat...right? You wouldn't show us Ava and let us fall in love with her and then serve us Ava Jerky...right?

OTOH, you keep talking about how *big* they're going to get and how many pounds* they're going to weigh...OH, NO! I think I see where this is going!! Your mint barn is the bunny equivalent of the candy house that drew in Hansel & Gretel!

Note to Silas: Whenever they come to check on you, don't stick your paw out of the cage--use a twig instead! Jackson: Try to look drawn and sunken and inedible until I can get PETA on the case!!! HANG ON, LITTLE BUNNY BUDDIES!!

Melanie said...

Hmmmm, WELLLLL, these bunnies are NOT for ingredient purposes (thus the names!) BUT... what they produce could be and they also can be sold for pets too!! :)

Good point on the way I described them... (sorry) The thing is that we've raised lops & rex bunnies before (for pets & sales) and their adult sizes were about the size that these babies are right now!!

It was AMAZING to see how big they grow after READING & SEEING pictures and then seeing the REAL LIVE HUGE ones in person!! :)

Does that help?? :) :) Sorry for the trauma my sweet & sensitive friend!