June 10, 2008

Austin's AWESOME Vacation....

Austin had an AWESOME opportunity in May! Friends were going on a Christian Music cruise from Miami to Cancun Mexico by way of the Florida Keys, and invited Austin to go with them! (Don't we all wish we had friends like that!) :) They flew from Boston to Miami on Sunday and loaded up on the ship on Monday morning!
They stopped at Key West and went snuba diving off the barrier reef (the third largest reef in the world). In Mexico they went underground snorkling in caves!! What gorgeous water colors and sunsets!!
Here the kids are all playing in one of the pools on the ship! Austin is holding Sam up getting ready to launch him. Ben is on the right and Jesse is in the front/middle.
They had lots of awesome bands to hear daily/nightly such as Casting Crowns, Hawk Nelson, The Afters, Leland, The Katinnas, Newsong, Aaron Shuste and more....
Austin, Ben & Jesse all played volley ball with the members of Hawk Nelson and Austin says they 'kicked their butt'.... (this is not a picture of that time). Austin hitting the ball and Jesse is in the red t-shirt on the other side and Ben is in front of him.

See the 'little' boats attached along the top of the ship? They may look small... but they hold 150 people EACH! Yikes... talk about a 'big ship'!! They had a blast and I'm so happy for him!! (Especially now that they are home again!)

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mad4books said...

WOW! I'm trying not to be envious since it's a sin, but...well...WOW!

So delighted for Austin! (Austin...what a cool name.)