May 27, 2008

They are multiplying!!

I thought you'd like to see our newest addition to the Blake household! :) Meet.... "Elvis"
Audrey and I went to a rabbit show in Rutland, Vt. over the weekend and although we didn't find what we were looking for, we did gain some good leads and good info.
On the way home, we stopped into the grain store where Austin works and bought our few needed items; rolls of wire to reinforce the chicken yard so the 'new coming' chickens won't get into the garden this summer, (please!) some j-clips and MORE wire so we can start building our bunny hutches and a few tomatoes & peppers for the garden. Well, just couldn't leave without taking a peek at the animal section of the store...... (when Audrey worked here, she helped in this dept.) THERE HE WAS.... hopping around his cage, looking sooo darn cute! We decided his name should be Elvis and told the girl on the register! LOL :) She laughed and agreed.... we took our treasures and went home!
About 45 minutes later, Audrey came into the living room...... "Mom, (with those sweet twinkley eyes) can I go back to get Elvis?" (SOMEHOW, I KNEW THIS WAS COMING!) Why not.... what's another bunny at this point since we are already planning on getting a few more by the end of July anyways!! :)

PS.... Reason for the name: the kids were subjected to their first Elvis movie last week "King Creole" (1958) starring Elvis & Walter Matthau. The bunny has a funny hair lick that hangs down similar to the way Elvis's hair did in this movie!!

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