May 14, 2008

What Do April Showers Bring???

AWESOME MAY FLOWERS!! (no, not the kind the Pilgrims rode in on!) The flowers are absolutely beautiful... and thanks to my special photographer Audrey, I can share them with you! Too bad we don't have scratch and sniff computers .... you would probably enjoy the various fragrances!

Aaron and I saw a pair of Northern Orioles last weekend in this bush! It is amazing each spring to watch this flowering bush come to life! It is something to look forward to while I'm doing the dishes. The red/pink colors are soooo pretty and it attracts the hummingbirds! I'm really not sure what this bush is .... someone told me it may be a quince. The lilacs are coming, the lilacs are coming.... we can smell them inside already. In another week, they will be out in full bloom! You can't help but smell them if you are outside and if any windows are open you can smell them inside too!
Forsythia bushes are in full bloom everywhere..... what an intense contrasting color against the lush green grass!! Hopefully, you can see the colors on your screen better then I can.

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