February 29, 2008


This has been one of the most incredible winters we've had in a LONG time! So far in this 2007-08 winter season, we've had a total of 102.2 inches of the fluffy, cold white stuff! YIKES... yes, it is reminiscent of childhood days, but UNCLE ALREADY! :) The news this morning gave snowfall totals of some record years.... during the winter of 1995-96 we had 113.2 inches of snow and in the winter of 1873-74 we had the most snow on record, 122 inches!!

Rumor has it we are expecting another 5-10 inches of snow tonight!! AND then another storm is predicted for next Tuesday..... phew, don't put away the shovels just yet! It is beautiful though isn't it!! GOTTA LOVE NH WINTERS.... they aren't for the faint of heart that's for sure!

I thought you'd enjoy seeing the storm this morning! Approx. 6 inches had fallen by 7AM and more still falling! Toby isn't too sure he is liking this stuff anymore! Although as we shovel and toss the snow, he is ALWAYS ready to play catch and ends up with a mouth full! LOL :)See that black 'stove pipe' sticking up from the middle of the snow... it is about 5' tall! I figured that would give you an idea of what we have in the front yard!! Our beloved little pot belly woodstove is BURIED!!
This is the front porch . The snow from the metal roof has landed on the bushes out front and blocked the view!! LOL The cats aren't too impressed.... the open window is how they get in and out! Pete was shoveling off a garage roof this morning and took this picture! The snow on top of this roof is almost as tall as his shovel!! YIKES!!

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mad4books said...

Oh, my goodness! I remember Mom on top of a snowbank finding our car with a broom handle...and Dad SNOW-SHOEING me to Sceva Speare Hospital the good old days. I don't how you guys can stand it.

We hit 90 (yes, NINETY DEGREES IN FEBRUARY!) the other day...everything's in bloom here...daffodils, forsythia, trees...and everybody's allergies, too!