February 3, 2008

A few more pictures to share with you.......

Here's Pete during one of the clinics. When a child is the patient, he/she is held on the lap of one of the volunteers. This helps to elevate the youngster but also it is a good way to help keep him immobile and stops him from wiggling too much! (Pete is covering his eyes so that he doesn't see the needle of novicane.) The extra hand near the dentist's head is another volunteer holding a flashlight so the dentist can see! If you look behind Pete... you can see Roger holding another patient's head while the other dentist is working!

I thought this was a cool picture! It's something we see 'in the movies' but when I saw this picture I wanted to share it with you. Pete said as soon as he snapped the shot, the man looked up at him and smiled! (They were traveling by in a van.)

This was taken from the hotel. It shows part of the town that they stayed in... and just beyond this you can see the mountains. There doesn't appear to be poverty here, but there is. The villages surrounding this town are very poor.

The team got together last night for a potluck dinner! Yes, Travis & I were invited too! It was fun to meet the others they traveled and lived with during the 2 weeks that they were gone. Senses of humor... oh, that doesn't even begin to describe this group!! Lots of laughter & teasing.... but everyone has a real love for the people of Honduras!

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mad4books said...

Oh, my goodness! A hand-held flashlight to do dental work...with a giant white man holding patients still and covering their eyes? I'll try to be braver the next time I visit my dentist's cushy office.

Bless Pete for being strong enough to do this! "Hands to work and hearts to God" indeed! They would have taken one look at my weak squeamishness and put me on flashlight or pharmacy detail!

Glad they're back...and so happy they went!!