March 1, 2008

Do You Know Where You Were 18 Years Ago Today?? I DO!

18 Years ago today, March 1, 1990, was the day we were blessed with Audrey & Austin! They were born on their due date, weighing in at 8 lb. 5 oz. and 7 lb. and 12 oz. Yup, you read that correctly.... 16 lbs. and 1 oz. of beautiful babies! A favorite memory... As we were leaving the hospital with two babies in carseats and a toddler by the hand, was Travis looking back and forth pointing at them counting... "One, two, one babies!" Oh, the fun was just beginning in triplicate!!In this picture they are 4 weeks old and still sharing the same crib! We moved them to separate cribs around 4 months old.... after Austin started inching around too much and running into and over Audrey! Here, in these two pictures, Austin & Audrey are about 1 1/2 years old.... and already beginning their special relationship! Austin, to this day still looks out for his sister! (As does Travis!)
I couldn't resist sharing this fun picture!! They are about 2 1/2 and just loving life!! They had just come in from playing in the sandbox... I'm sure they had as much sand in their hair as they had on their faces & arms! Never a dull day!!
And finally, a current day picture taken this past November!



mad4books said...

AMAZING! WONDERFUL! What a great post!

Twins really must be twice as nice...and hats off to Travis for not jumping out of the car after counting how many car seats and babies were suddenly sharing HIS backseat!

Anonymous said...

Well, 18 years ago??? Not really but I have to say I'm so blessed to know these two wonderful people that arrived this day!! HAPPY 18th to both of you!!


Anonymous said...

Audrey & Austin. I do not remember
what I was doing 18 years ago. I was
still living in California. Have a terrific Birthday. And many, many more. We are so glad to have you as friends. Love, Sarah & Ross