October 3, 2011

Sun Dried Tomatoes ... Who Knew?

Who knew it was this easy?!
We LOVE sun dried tomatoes!
(Ok, technically... dehydrator dried!)

It is nearing the end of the garden season and 
I am TIRED of canning tomatoes.
I never thought I'd say that...  but I am.
I think it is mostly because the more I can, the more space
I need to come up with to store it!
(But that's a discussion for another day.)

I decided to give the dehydrator a try. Check this out!
Saturday night was my test run was with 2 apples and
one tray full of fresh picked cherry tomatoes ...
washed & cut in half!

I sprinkled the tomatoes with a little bit of sea salt
(didn't do that for the following batch)
and I lightly sprinkled the apples with cinnamon sugar!
Can you say DELICIOUS!!! I AM SOOO ExCiTeD!
Sunday night I loaded up the trays with more cherry tomatoes
and left them overnight (roughly from 9PM to 5AM)
and they came out perfectly!

Storage for these little guys is a mason jars
with olive oil and in the back of the fridge!
There is a total of 7 dehydrator trays in these 2 jars.
It doesn't look like much... but it is!
You ask, 'now what?'... 
I can't wait to use them in pesto-chicken,
turkey sandwiches and can't you just smell
the bread cooking!?
Ahhh, I'm going to start drooling if I don't stop now!
I'll share pictures with you as
I figure out more recipes to use them in!

The apples came out awesome too!
I only did two apples... but everyone like them!
I'll definitely be doing more of these as well,
but, most likely without the sugar!
I need to do some more investigating,
but I've seen both tomatoes
& apples stored in zipper type bags (remove air)
and store on a pantry shelf or in the freezer.
 I'll let you know how that all works out!

Next up.... regular sized tomatoes. I'm going to try thinly slicing them and then adding a little basil & sea salt before dehydrating them!

(Posted on Healthy 2day Wednesdays )


simply heidi said...

I love dehydrating apples, but I've never tried tomatoes. They look delicious!

Rachel said...

We don't have a dehydrator but would like to have one, my kids loved dried fruits & veggies! Thanks for sharing at Healthy 2day Wednesdays!