July 28, 2011

Family Cookout Turns.... Surprise!

My mom, my Aunt Donna (mom's sister)
and my cousin Michelle

  Audrey & Pete  (Andrea on the couch...
in the background)

 Betty, Aunt Trudy & Raymond

 Uncle Ronny  (mom's brother)

 Andrea & Chloe, Darlene, my dad & Bob
chatting on the deck.
 SURPRISE!!!  Mom & Dad's 50th wedding
anniversary was July 15th!
Aunt Donna had a cake made with a picture of
my parents on it! The picture was taken on the
bridge over my grandparent's pond. Well, they are
both gone now, but my cousin Alicia lives here now...
and the cookout was held at the same place
the picture was taken! It was a lot of fun!

 Bob & Nancy (family friends forever!)
my cousin Alicia & my mom.
Back to the camera is Marc, to the left is Ethan,
Darlene, Pete, Travis & Austin! 
 Back to the camera is Uncle Ronny & Aunt Trudy
and  Betty & Raymond!
 Ethan (Marc's son) & Michael (Alicia's son)

Brent (Michelle's son)
Boys having fun!
Marc, Mom & Dad and me...

I LOVE looking
back at all the fun we had!

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Turtle Mom said...

Looks like the cook-out was a lot of fun! I remember that bridge and going to your grandparents. I am so happy that the homestead has remained in the family and that Alicia lives there now. Please tell your family that I say "hello"!

Patty (Sencabaugh) Topp