July 12, 2011

Basil... It's A Wonderful Herb!

I planted three plants of basil this spring. I grew some last
year too, but I didn't realizethat I could have harvested
MUCH more then I did had I picked it every few weeks! 
Just so you know, you pick the individual branches just
above the bottom 2 sets of leaves closest to the ground!
I read that by picking more often I should get
about 20 cups of leaves PER PLANT!

Here is a picture of the plants this afternoon
prior to my picking it!

And... here are the plants afterwards!

The harvest....

 Add the basil leaves, some minced garlic, olive oil
and Parmesan cheese to the food processor...
Press the 'go button' and VIOLA!!
And now it's ready for the freezer!

Oh, and one more thing, some people add
pine nuts or pecans when they are making
pesto. Personally, I like to add fresh
slivered almonds when I am
making a dish calling for pesto!

At this rate, I'll be able to make a few batches of pesto,
dehydrate some and even freeze some leaves whole in
ice cubes for that 'close to fresh' flavor in
spaghetti sauce later in the winter!

SERIOUSLY....  the hardest part of making pesto...
picking off the leaves and
getting the food processor off the back shelf to use!

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Kathi said...

Great idea! I should harvest more of my oregano. Mostly, I water it and let it grow.

Melanie said...

Hi Kathi... We go through a lot0 of pesto here between adding it to soups for flavor or pizza instead of spag. sauce or with chicken, tomaotes & pasta! I never knew just how much one could harvest from each plant! I've tried to leave comments on your blog... but for some reason, it won't let me! I won't give up! LOL Hope all it well with you guys!