July 28, 2010

Check This Out ... PURPLE BEANS!

We've grown them before and they are alot of fun! I wish they'd can or freeze purple... but that just isn't gonna happen! These beans grow dark purple... they are picked, washed & eaten raw as purple, but as soon as you add them to hot water.... shazzam, they become green! :) I took pictures to show you...  it is true!!

Here they are freshly picked, cut & washed! We have two varieties; yellow 'wax' beans and then the purple 'green' bean!

Here is the pot of hot water....  I just put them in!

Now, it is only a couple of minutes later.... check this out!

OK, now it has been maybe 8+ minutes......

Voila.... ready to eat!!   (And yes, they are scrumptious! Salt & butter are NOT needed!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love purple beans but hate that all the color blanches out when they cook. They sure are pretty in tossed salads though.