July 5, 2010

The Adventures of Tweak....

Tweak loves going outside! Today he learned about rabbits & chickens....
The rabbits was nibbling grass & clover and Tweak wanted to play!
I wish I snapped the camera quicker then I did, he had his paw
in the cage and was trying to engage this guy to play!
Poor Tweak... after a while, I'm sure he was thinking.... BORING!
On to the next adventure....   wait, what was that? A BIRD... a BIG BIRD!!
Hmmm, i'm just gonna watch for a minute or two!
Oh No... she saw me! Maybe I can still catch her!
This was hysterical!! The hen ran and Tweak ran right after her...
She was squawking for all she was worth and alarming the others
and Tweak was rather bewildered at the noise and her
being so fast for only having two feet!!

1 comment:

mad4books said...

Let's hope Tweak is better at catching mice than hens!