November 28, 2008

Happy Day AFTER Thanksgiving!

The day before Thanksgiving is generally spent cleaning & baking, the morning of Thanksgiving is spent making the final touch ups and peeling veggies etc. and the rest of the day is spent enjoying company! The day after is such a WONDERFUL TIME TO APPRECIATE ALL OF THE BLESSINGS! Audrey is an amazing helper! In between her schoolwork and going to work, she helped me get things in order! My family is a definate blessing to me! :)

Travis, Austin & Pete peeled all the potatoes and beets in the morning! What wonderful guys we have!!(Actually, truth be told, Travis also peeled two butternut squashes for me on Wednesday, and baked 2 loaves of bread too!)We had two families join us for dinner yesterday! The Hacker family of 4 and the Walsh family of 2! 11 people around the table was a beautiful sight! I could go on and on about the yummy food & dessert, but I'd rather go on about awesome friendships!! What a blessing these two families are to us!

I believe we all had a wonderful time! After dinner, everyone needed a little time to stretch their legs and start the digestion process... LOL!! The boys (*ahem*, young men) tried their hands a exploding a soda bottle.... they had a few fun, but failed attempts! *(thankfully)*
We eventually all regathered for coffee, tea and desserts (Did I mention they were DELICIOUS?!!) and games!! We had a lot of fun playing 'Apples to Apples' (for the first time) and then a few rounds of 'Fact or Crap'! (yes, I really did use that word, it is the title of the game)!! Laughs, teasing, friendships strengthened, warm weather (I think we hit a balmy 42*) and late day snacks!!
I don't think the day could have gotten much better! THANKS everyone! From our home to yours, God Bless You All!

November 24, 2008


Yesterday afternoon we recieved some tragically, sad news.... I am sharing this with you in hopes that you will also be praying for these families!
A guy that Audrey knows who plays in the Christian band "Blueprints of the Heart" was in a car accident Saturday night. Shorty, the drummer, was killed and the other three of his friends are in critical condition in a MA hospital. PLEASE keep them and their families in your prayers as the doctors are not being too hopeful for these young men.
As more info. is given.... I want to update you! The accident that took the life of "Shorty" the drummer did NOT involve the other 2 band members. Shorty was with different group of friends! Of those friends.... 2 are still in critical condition and 1 was is listed in stable condition.
Please continue to pray for God's healing hand to touch these families... both physically, emotionally and spiritually!

November 17, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008
(daybook journal entry 2)

Outside My Window...
The trees are waving their branches at me. There are a few
dried leaves clinging on to the branches waiting for a wind strong
enough to loosen them.

I am thinking...
I need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight!

From the kitchen...
the dishes are drying, the dishpan is put away. Nothing but the smell of
fresh brewed coffee is in the air.

I am wearing...
jeans and t-shirt with a sweatshirt over top,
wool socks and black crocks!

I am creating...
Christmas projects, some to give away
and some to keep!

I am (still) reading...
"The Dry Divide" by Ralph Moody and trying to read
"Raising Dragons" by Bryan Davis (at Travis's request)

I am hearing...
that inner voice tell me it is time to get OFF the computer
and get some work done around home!!

Around the house..
Gary is here for a visit! We all love spending time with
our special friend!

One of my favorite things...
hearing a fire snap & pop while cozied up with a lap quilt,
a cup of tea and a good book!
(Oh, I wish we still had a woodstove or a fireplace!)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Go to a craft class this week!
Plan the weekly meal menu,
pay the bills, and
Clean, clean and clean some more!

Here's a picture to share...
(compliments of Audrey!)

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November 16, 2008

Here's a little secret about myself.... I LOVE pretty fabric! I have so much fun going into Joann's Fabric or Walmart and looking at the fabrics and trying to figure out what I can make next to 'justify' buying that gorgeous, must-have material! (I use to make Audrey's jumpers and therefore could easily justify buying it then!!)

The weather is getting colder, the Christmas fabrics are coming out in the stores!! My plan; I'm going to make myself a Christmas quilt this year! (Bigger than a standard lap quilt, smaller then a twin bed quilt). Saturday, I went looking to see what I have 'on hand' and discovered that I have enough Christmas material to make one without going to the store for anything but the batting!(Hmmm well, I guess I'll have to plan another project quickly, 'cuz I doubt I'll ONLY get batting if I head to the fabric department!)

November 14, 2008

You Just Gotta Read 'em....

I'm in the 7th of a series of 8 books written by Ralph Moody.... I call them the "Little Britches Series" (the title of the 1st book is "Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers"). They are the story of a young boy (Ralph) who lived in Rochester, NH but whose family moved to Colorado in the early 1900's. You learn right along with Ralph about ranching, farming, making wise choices, integrity and making due! These books make you long for the day when a person's handshake was as good or better then a signature on paper! Based on his life, Mr. Moody (who also wrote "Seabiscuit" another book superior to the movie) writes in such a way that makes you feel like you are right beside him through everything that happens!

A favorite quote from the 5th book, "The Fields of Home" was spoken by Ralph's grandfather. Whenever he got excited about something he was doing he'd shout, "By fire, we'll show 'em what kind of logs make wide boards!" Today we'd probably say, "we'll show them how it is done!" This book takes place in Lisbon Falls, Maine and is rich in the 'language of yester-year'.
We read this whole series plus Seabiscuit as a family about 10 years ago and honestly, in my opinion, they should be a part of EVERY family's read-aloud life! (whether you have kids at home or not.... they are wonderful!)

November 12, 2008


This is Travis at about 21 days old!! He was the perfect size for his teddy bear (later named Mr. Bearly) to hold him! WELL.... 21 years later, lots has changed!!! (Hair, vocal chords, size, clothing styles .... just to name a few!) Travis has been 'a little' bit taller then Pete for a few years now..... AMAZING! How fast times goes by when you are having fun! This picture was taken down in Ocean City, NJ on the boardwalk this past summer!

This is Travis at Soulfest '08 playing & singing with friends around the campfires LATE into the nights! (Needless to say, a friend took this picture!) :) Travis, you are a true blessing of God to us!! Happy Birthday Travis!! We love you bunches!!

November 10, 2008

~~ Happy Veteran's Day ~~

Freedom is never more than one generation away from
extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the
bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and
handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will
spend our sunset years telling our children and our
children's children what it was once
like in the United States where
men were free.
Ronald Reagan
40th President of the United States

I thank God for our men & women who have and who currently are
offering themselves so the rest of us can live in a free country!
I thank God for this land of freedom where we can
worship God together as a family!
We need to pray for our national & local leadership that
they will have integrity & wisdom in leading our country!
Monday, November 10, 2008

Outside My Window...
the clothesline stands empty, the trees and gardens are bare and the
swing is still. Morning is just dawning.

I am thinking...
How did the mother's of years ago get everything done, keep up
with correspondences, make delicious meals and
maintain a happy home, without going crazy!

From the kitchen...
the blueberry muffins are cooling and waiting.

I am wearing...
jeans and a soft blue, zip up hoodie over my top with wool slipper socks

I am creating...
Our Thanksgiving menu and beginning to work
on Christmas projects!

I am reading...
"The Dry Divide" by Ralph Moody and trying to read
"Raising Dragons" by Bryan Davis (at Travis's request)

I am hearing...
The rooster announce the new day, the tea kettle softly
reminding me that my tea is only minutes away, and the soft breathing
of my kids as they begin to wake up.

Around the house..
the kids are beginning to wake up, the cats are still curled up
in balls of fluff, the dog is sleeping with his paws covering his face,
the furnace just started again.

One of my favorite things...
the quiet of the morning and
the aroma of fresh baked goods.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Travis's birthday dinner
Sit down to write a letter or two
Make a few appointment phone calls
Gather craft items for a class next week
Clean, clean and clean some more!

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November 2, 2008

Happy Lord's Day!

Here's a song that will get your Sunday morning off to a great start!! (Actually, it will start EVERY day off great!)

MIGHTY TO SAVE...... this awesome song is a wonderful reminder that GOD is big enough to move the mountains, He is big enough to save.... and He IS big enough to handle my stuff and yours too, if we'll let Him! :)

Have a blessed day!