November 12, 2008


This is Travis at about 21 days old!! He was the perfect size for his teddy bear (later named Mr. Bearly) to hold him! WELL.... 21 years later, lots has changed!!! (Hair, vocal chords, size, clothing styles .... just to name a few!) Travis has been 'a little' bit taller then Pete for a few years now..... AMAZING! How fast times goes by when you are having fun! This picture was taken down in Ocean City, NJ on the boardwalk this past summer!

This is Travis at Soulfest '08 playing & singing with friends around the campfires LATE into the nights! (Needless to say, a friend took this picture!) :) Travis, you are a true blessing of God to us!! Happy Birthday Travis!! We love you bunches!!


mad4books said...

I have that photo!! Hard to believe I've held onto something for TWENTY-ONE years, isn't it?

Speaking of 21, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRAVIS!! (My Bethany is just seven months ahead of you, and I can assure you that no matter how old you two get, your moms will always worry about you. Always. Oh, and expect unsolicited advice. It's part of our job description.)

P.S. Oh, Melanie, aren't we so blessed?! Who ever knew that when we became friends in Mrs. Turner's kindergarten class that we would someday be moms of legal grown-ups? This is seriously freakin' me out!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Travis!! I hope it was wonderful! I thought about him yesterday (on the birthday he and I share) and hoped he was having as much fun as I was! Would you pass along a birthday hug from Texas? =)