August 20, 2008

Today is our special day, 25 years of 'wedded bliss'.
Tonight we are going out for a scenic dinner cruise on the
Mt. Washington!


Lynette said...

Congrats - Happy 25th Anniversary!!! Enjoy your special night!

I can't tell by the picture, but what color is that tux? Jim wore a baby blue tux in our wedding, and the kids are always giving him guff about it!

Melanie said...

Thanks Lynette! We had a wonderful time!! His tux was a light gray... back when it was OK to wear other colors than black & white tuxes!! LOL

mad4books said...


I mean...WOW!!!!

How can it be 25 years? Time is passing by so quickly...and I just love how your romance is standing the test of time! Congrats, you two lovebirds!