August 9, 2008

Reba Concert.... Can You Say WOW! :)

It isn't easy to take good pictures at a concert (especially on a cellphone camera) because of all the lights, but I tried!! Here are two pictures of Reba... taken last night at a concert in Gilford (Meadowbrook Farm)!!Cindy and I were recipients of a HUGE blessing!! SADLY, friends of ours were not able to go to the concert because of illness. The blessing is that they gave us the tickets to go in their place! The cool part is Cindy and I were looking at the billboard advertisement this past February and thought it would be an awesome concert to go to!! Neither of us followed through with ordering tickets back then and then the only tickets available were WAY back in the grassy seats (bring a lawchair & binoculars) so it was just put out of our minds. Her music is wonderful, her voice is amazing and she has such a sweet stage personality! We had a blast only 31 rows from the stage!! THANKS FOR THE TICKETS!! YOU ARE A BLESSING TO ALL OF US!! AND... WE ARE AAALLLL SOOO THANKFUL THAT YOU ARE FEELING A BIT BETTER! WE'LL KEEP ON PRAYING! :)

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Lynette said...

Lucky you to get free tickets - sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm glad your friends are feeling better now, too.