April 19, 2007

Another Sure Sign of SPRING!!

Travis couldn't stand being inside any longer! We are FINALLY having a day of BLUE skies and puffy white clouds and believe me, books and lectures just aren't going to hold his attention any longer!!! He is now outside pruning and raking and letting the goats & chickens run around the yard!! He just came inside saying, 'Mom, you may want to take a few pictures of the crocuses and snowdrops for your blog thing!' Then he took Audrey's camera outside to take these pictures.... What a sweetie!!

I just went outside to thank him for the great shots and found him up a tree!! (LITERALLY, UP A TREE!) He set the ladder and climbed up to 'prune' the dead branches off this maple tree! One of his & Austin's favorite sayings is "Growing older isn't optional... but growing up is!" (Adopted from a co-worker!) Of course with this said... let me assure you that maturity is moving in, even if the little boy inside never totally moves out!! (God bless the little boy inside every man!!)

April 9, 2007

4th Time And We are DONE!! (Done Driver's Ed. that is!)

Where did the time go?? When did this sweet little girl picking berries in my mother's garden.......
...become this 'all grown up young lady' OLD ENOUGH TO GET HER DRIVER'S LICENSE?? YIKES!! She passed her test this afternoon..... HURRAY AUDREY!! (AND Hurray for Me, I survived all 4 teenagers learning to drive!) It only gets more and more exciting from here!!

April 5, 2007

This Is What We Woke Up To This Morning.....

I thought you'd all enjoy seeing what we saw looking out the door. It is pretty, BUT... We are READY for SPRING!! :) The ski resorts are happy, the plowmen that are paid by the hour are happy, the children who don't have to put sleds away and have the day off from school are are happy... good thing we don't rely on 'circumstances' for our joy!! (The van & jeep aren't laden with as much snow because we got home late in the storm after attending a going away party for one of the kid's friends. That was sketchy driving!!)Pete called me from the road this morning 'bout 6:15 saying "the roads aren't bad, but, BOY DID WE GET ALOT OF SNOW!!" He said there's a good 10-12 inches of it! I guess the sugaring season has a bit longer to go after all.