April 9, 2007

4th Time And We are DONE!! (Done Driver's Ed. that is!)

Where did the time go?? When did this sweet little girl picking berries in my mother's garden.......
...become this 'all grown up young lady' OLD ENOUGH TO GET HER DRIVER'S LICENSE?? YIKES!! She passed her test this afternoon..... HURRAY AUDREY!! (AND Hurray for Me, I survived all 4 teenagers learning to drive!) It only gets more and more exciting from here!!


Michelle5959 said...

YEA!!! What a milestone! I remember like yesterday when I got mine... hmmmm! That's another story for another day :)


mad4books said...

Congratulations, Audrey! I remember how excited (and astonished) I was when I passed...even though the state trooper YELLED at me and gave me a citation for a non-working headlight on my mother's car.


A. Sanborn said...

Yeah Baby! CONGRATS Miss Audrey! This is a very exciting achievement! It's funny how we ALL remember the stories around getting our license! Awesome blossom! (((( HUGS ))))

Love Ya,

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

I remember that I got my license during a snow storm! I took my written test at the Plymouth Armory and then had to drive around the common and back... no stopping and starting on a hill, no parallel parking, no backing into parking spots... (Needless to say, I was thrilled and I think the officer was too!!) :)

PS. I deleted the last post 'cuz it was MINE and I wanted to change something... LOL :)