April 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday!!


Melanie said...

Picture #1 is of the 'old library' now... the Daniel Webster Historical Soc. Building!! :)

Picture #2 is the Pease Public Library. You can see Russell St. to the right and Highland St. in the foreground!

Picture #3 We were parked on Highland St. (beside the post office and across the street from the Pease Library). Looking up the hill on the right you can see the newly remodeled PSU's Boyd Hall(the science bldg.) and the PSU library just past that! You can also see the bank which sits on what used to be Summer St.

Audrey & I took these pictures the first week of April ... the Wednesday before Easter! :)

mad4books said...

That's it. Karen and I are coming for a visit just as soon as we can!

(Hey, now that Audrey has her driver's license, we can pay her to be our chauffeur! Want a little side job, Audrey? Driving Miss Crazies?)


Melanie said...

OOOPS, in picture #3 the PSU buildings are on the LEFT driving up Highland St.! :( Hmmm, maybe I was turning up Russell St. in my mind... then they'd be on my right!! Oh well...

Hey, you & Karen are always welcome!(Along with anyone in your families!) I'll ask Audrey about being a chauffeur... we'd sure have fun being tour guides!