April 19, 2007

Another Sure Sign of SPRING!!

Travis couldn't stand being inside any longer! We are FINALLY having a day of BLUE skies and puffy white clouds and believe me, books and lectures just aren't going to hold his attention any longer!!! He is now outside pruning and raking and letting the goats & chickens run around the yard!! He just came inside saying, 'Mom, you may want to take a few pictures of the crocuses and snowdrops for your blog thing!' Then he took Audrey's camera outside to take these pictures.... What a sweetie!!

I just went outside to thank him for the great shots and found him up a tree!! (LITERALLY, UP A TREE!) He set the ladder and climbed up to 'prune' the dead branches off this maple tree! One of his & Austin's favorite sayings is "Growing older isn't optional... but growing up is!" (Adopted from a co-worker!) Of course with this said... let me assure you that maturity is moving in, even if the little boy inside never totally moves out!! (God bless the little boy inside every man!!)


mad4books said...

Ha! The boys' comment reminds me of that song from Peter Pan...

"If growing up means it would be
Beneath my dignity to climb a tree
I'll never grow up
Never grow up
Never grow up
Not me!"

Glad you are so happy, surrounded by the ones you love, and that Spring has finally SPRUNG!


bo_berrin said...

Isn't it great when our kids share our interest? It's so cool that he took the camera and got those shots for you. And that he knows how to prune a tree!

I LOVE your crocuses and snowdrops! They're so beautiful, and they announce the long-awaited arrival of SPRING! Do you grow lily of the valley or bleeding heart? It seems like I remember those doing well in NH. What about lilacs? Got any of those? I wish you could post the *fragrance* on the blog! We can put men on the moon, but nobody's invented smellavision?!

Melanie said...

The lilac leaves are JUST STARTING to bud out... We should have the flowers and INCREDIBLE fragrances by the end of May!

Yes, the bleeding hearts & lily of the valley both do very well here... :)

We are JUST getting into spring mode around here! The tiger lilies are about 2-3 inches out of the ground and I did see some buds of flowers coming up with the daffodils this afternoon... they are up about 4 inches!! (maybe!):)

Travis has ALWAYS loved plants... hmmm, perhaps he ought to look into the horticulture line of work! :) :)

mad4books said...

Send Travis to Texas A&M!!!!!!

Oh, and regarding your comment on my Spider Freakout--I am telling you the honest truth--if I ever came up out of the dog food bag with a scoop full of MOUSE, well...I'd still be running.

They'd only find me when I hit the Pacific and had to stop!