September 19, 2007

Tomatoes, Tomatoes and more Tomatoes!

The killer frost is coming.... it has struck about 25 miles north of us over the past couple of nights, so we know it won't be too much longer for us! I'm trying to get the tomatoes all picked and decide what to do with them! (Canning, freezing, salsa, sauce...???) This year it will be sauce! (Hmmm, this picture doesn't show just how many tomatoes I am dealing with... since it only shows a few plants!)

We've enjoyed fresh tomatoes in salads, eating them as one would eat an apple, in open face tomatoe & cheese broiled sandwiches.... etc. etc. Now to save some for the long (sigh) winter months ahead. After picking & washing the tomatoes I diced up and froze
some containers of tomatoes for soups, chili and to add to the store bought spaghetti sauce later on. With what is left I filled up two big crock pots with even more diced tomatoes!!

They cooked down over night and in the morning I added diced green peppers (from the garden) and some mushrooms and it cooked down some more. The tomatoes shrunk down by 50% and I added some onion powder, garlic, a little bit of sugar and some baking soda to the sauce (to help 'kill' the acid...)!

It will go into the freezer (instead of canning jars) and when
I thaw it.... I'll add Italian spices and perhaps some
meat! I can't wait to try it on spaghetti, lasagna & pizza!
(Can you smell it? IT SMELLS SOOOO YUMMY!)
Next.... I'll be moving on to apple picking and finding creative ways to store them!! (I may be making apple jelly again this year!) I'll keep you posted!

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mad4books said...

Oh, my mouth is watering like a Pavlovian pooch. (I would LOVE to just lean over your sink with my sleeves rolled up and down a few of those! When they're at the peak of flavor, I don't even need the salt or pepper shaker!)