September 22, 2007

Home Alone Today!

Knowing that I'd have the day home alone..... I made a mental list of things I'd like to accomplish today beginning with tidying up. My list started with folding laundry, dishes, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming etc. etc. I also added... finish the last 30 pages of my most recent book "Arkansas" by Christine Lynxwiler, bake, vacuum the van, watch a movie and perhaps pull out the stamps and create a card! :)
I got up at about 5:50AM and finished my book with my morning cup of tea and then helped get Pete & Audrey out the door by 7:15 and Austin was gone by 7:40! Ahhhh, now what?! I took the practical route and finished cleaning the kitchen & folded the rest of the laundry THEN, I decided to get out a few stamps to see if I could wake up the creative juices!

I popped in Reese Witherspoon's "Vanity Fair" dvd (ended up being a so/so movie) and proceeded to look over my stamps sets before deciding towork with the ever trusted "Gentle Thoughts" and "Never Ending Joy" sets from Stamping Up!I don't know if they show up well .... but the flower card is suppose to be eggplant & mellow moss while the teapot card is using navy blue & mellow moss! I enjoyed my quiet day..... It sure felt good to dust off this old hobby and try my hand at it again!

PS..... I never did finish my chores!!

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A. Sanborn said...

Okay... in regards to "reality" that list of expected TO-DO's in on day just doesn't cut it! *wink*

Love all "four" of your lovely creations and so did Lynette, however she couldn't post a comment as she doesn't have a Blogger or Google acount!

I'm so looking forward to this coming Saturday!

Anne :)