September 21, 2007

The "Girls" Are Going For A Ride...

Another decision has been made by way of preparing for *G*U*L*P* winter... It is time for the 'girls' to move on to greener pastures. We've had the goats for 4 years I think, and although they are sweet and sooo personable, it is time for them to be loved by another family! It has been a blast to have them! We've bred them, enjoyed lots of 'goatie babies' and had lots of fun that goes with watching the antics of such loving and curious animals! (Sigh....) Oh the memories of fun!! Like the first babies being born on Christmas morning.... within half an hour of our 'suppose to leave' time to go to my brother's house! That was one awesome Christmas morning.... two bucks we appropriately named: Frankincense & Myrrh (Frankie & Murray)!!
The chickens are also leaving us.... we've had chickens (not this flock) for years and most likely we'll start up again in the spring. Once you've been 'spoiled' with fresh eggs, it is hard to go back to the pale yellow yoked eggs we buy at the store! We'll manage until we get our next order of chicks then wait the 22-24 weeks until they are ready to lay!Oh boy... I hope I don't let my heart rule over my head this afternoon. Pete is coming home later this afternoon to help load them up.... it is a family decision and truly one for the best! New Thought...(grin...) I'll just keep reminding myself that spring is coming.... and springtime brings more barnyard babies!! :) HMMMM, maybe more chicks..... maybe turkeys, maybe a calf..... or a piglet or two!!


mad4books said...

I give it less than a year before your barnyard is bustling again!


A. Sanborn said...

Understandably so, however it's been such a part of who you are that this is a real heart tugger!

SPRING will be here again before we know it! I'll give you a new task... start photographing The Farm View in the different seasons. *wink* Remember the photo of the family farm you took when you started this blog almost a year ago?

Love & Hugs,
Anne :)