July 21, 2007

Our AWESOME Vacation....

We took our first vacation in 5 years last week! We went to Ocean City, NJ for a wonderful week of sunshine & family fun! Here's our family picture on the last day..... A week sure flies by when we are having fun! We went down with another family (Chuck & Patty) and stayed in the condo unit beside them!! Here's a picture of all the kids with 'Mom-mom' (grandmother to Ben, Jesse & Sam)!! She lovingly is like a grandmother to our kids too! We aren't sure if she has more fun watching the kids having fun or actually doing things and having fun herself! Either way, she is a blessing to all who know her!! (Jesse, Travis, Ben, Mimi, Austin, Audrey & Sam in the front)
In addition to the blessing of being there at all..... we had another AWESOME treat!! Friends, Bill & Cheryl on the right (from Virginia) and Andy & Terry in blue (from Hawaii) arrived to share a condo unit too and we all had SOOOOO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!! The 8 of us went to church together 10-15 years ago when they lived in NH! It was a huge blessing to play catch up! Even after all these years we picked up right where we left off..... with Jesus as the center of our relationships, all the time apart didn't matter at all! (The ONLY thing that changed over the years was the kids' height!) I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!! Patty & Chuck on the left and Pete & I are in back center!

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mad4books said...

Dang! How can I convince your whole gang to come to WurstFest some year?

;-) !