July 23, 2007

"Chick Night on the Boardwalk!"

Audrey and I had talked about going to get 'airbrush tattoos' at some point during our vacation... The old saying 'time flies when you're having fun!' was certainly true for us! Our last night in Jersey we were all visiting out on the balcony around the picnic table when we realized that we didn't get our 'tattoos'!! Instead of giving in to this reality we decided to 'go for it'!! (Thanks to Cheryl who had made the comment which brought it back to our memory in the first place!)

We were running out of time...... by now it was 10:00PM and the boardwalk shops start closing between 11-11:30PM!! Patty was the driver for the event (she sure knows her way around this town!) and within 20 minutes of the reminder comment we were parking the van and heading in to find the kiosk!!
Here Audrey & Terry are looking through the tattoo designs trying to find the perfect one!

Here's Audrey's finished tattoo!!

This is the one I chose for my ankle!
Here's the whole group! We had a BLAST! (Patty, Me, Audrey, Terry & Cheryl) A night to remember!!
After we all got our tattoos and had our pictures taken, we walked part of the boardwalk, checked out a few other shops, had some funnel cake, laughed until we held our sides and made it back to the condos by 1:45AM!! Another 'chick night' is a must!!


mad4books said...

This is hilarious. You know you nearly gave me a heart attack when I thought I spotted a tattoo in your last post! (I even emailed you "off the blog" to ask when you were in the Navy! Plus, I used your full name so you really knew I meant!)

When Bethany was around 12 or 13, she would joke about getting a tattoo someday (she's already done it and that's all I have to say about that!!!); I would always counter with the threat that if she did, I would get Colonel Sanders on one cheek and Captain Crunch on the other since those two guys were responsible for the size of them.


("You think tattoos are sexy? HA! Check out "The Colonel" on my forty-something year old BUTT!")

Alas, I reneged on that threat/promise. There is just no way I could go through life with those two old farts on my posterior...

Melanie said...

Oh my word... you had me nearly falling off my seat laughing! :)) Yes, I can just imagine the look of horror on your face when you thought I had a real tattoo! BUT my friend, you can put your inhaler away, it is ONLY airbrushed on and (sniff, sniff) it will eventually wash off!

I did get your email and I responded to you... it was the prompting I needed to get this blog finished up!

Rest easy... no nightmares on my behalf!