July 30, 2007

Fun Times at the Ol' Shore...

Travis was sooo excited with his awesome find! On the way back from getting an ice coffee he found this bike for $10. It rides easy and fun and he put the miles on it for sure!! I was wondering how in the world this treasure would fit in the already full van for the ride home... (I was reminded that we do have a roof rack!) :) But, he decided to leave it behind with the other bikes for NEXT YEAR'S VACATION!! (He's planning already!)
The waves, the sand, the sunshine, the teens & oh sooo much fun! Austin and the boys each took a scoop of sand (blindly) while in waist deep water... everyone else came up with 'clam shells' Austin came up with a relatively large crab sitting on his hand.... needless to say, the crab quickly left his hand and that was enough of that game for him!! Back to wave riding & jumping!
The ball park is a short walk away! This particular afternoon was EXTREMELY HOT... everyone took turns hitting, catching & pitching while being razzed by the 'cheering section'!!
Puzzles, food, laughing, sharing.....EVERYONE got in on the fun!
This is one of the rides at night at the boardwalk park! How many more weeks till July 2008?!!

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mad4books said...

Wow! Just $10? Cool find!

It looks like everyone had fun on your summer getaway. Reading on the beach, wave riding, puzzles, biking...FUN!!!

One question, though: Who was home doing the milking? Do you even have to milk goats? Who's minding the farm when y'all go kick up your heels?