October 30, 2012


They've arrived!!

Our dear friend Petra told us about
elderberries this summer. After doing
some research, and discovering that
they are easy to grow and should grow
quite well around here, we ordered
some, four to be exact!
(Two each of two varieties!)
They arrived and are bigger then
I thought they'd be! I CAN'T WAIT!
I'll keep you posted!

I wish you were going to be here
this coming summer!

Coughing at Night?

I HATE it when I can't
sleep because of coughing!
My good friend Anne told me a few years ago
 to try this. I listened and laughed at the idea
but NEVER did try it
UNTIL this past month! 
She swears by it, and now I
have to admit, SHE WAS RIGHT!!
(Your Welcome!)
Ok, here it is:
Vick's VapoRub

Take a generous amount and rub it onto
your bare feet....

Then, put on a pair of socks and
You shouldn't cough!!
(at least not 'til morning!)
REPEAT each night
until you are feeling better!

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October 25, 2012

It's Only Two Months Away!

Christmas is only two months away!
I need all the help I can get when it
comes to getting organized!
This is the 3rd year that I've made
myself an organizer and it really has
been a tremendous help!!
all your lists, receipts,

recipes, grocery lists,
and calenders ALL TOGETHER!
It's EASY to find in your purse for that
planned or UNPLANNED
trip to the store!
After Last year I knew I needed to add
a copy of November & December calendar
pages to help keep organized!
I decorated the outside of the folded page so
I could tell November's page from December!
personalize and print your own calendar pages!
Before I printed, I added the main events from
our home calendar onto each page. Now, I can
keep track of where I need to be and when I can
plan a shopping trip, craft day or baking day! 
I added lots of writing pages for my
many lists and a few envelopes for
receipts, coupons, recipe cards and
one for miscellaneous!
Check back to  my first year of making these if you want to follow
links back to my original source & measurements!
one sheet of card stock tri-folded,
decorative paper
bell punch
maple leaf & oak leaf punch
snowman & snowflake punch
10-12 pages from a writingtablet (cut down)
a few envelopes
double sided tape
and my imagination

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Home Grown Sweet 'Taters

Check out this crop of sweet potatoes!
 Pete dug these up last week and
was thrilled at the size and quantity!
The garden is not really this wet!
He sprayed the dirt off the potatoes so
he could take better pictures of them!
 .... not to mention the flavor!!
You can see the roots & the top of
what was the plant growing on top
of the ground!
These are a definite re-do for next season!
I couldn't get this picture to turn no
matter what I tried!!
Hopefully, you can still read the
scale: 9 POUNDS
Finishing up building a cold storage
that is MOUSE proof and cool enough
to keep potatoes & squash!

October 16, 2012

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

My dear childhood friend's husband Dwight
explains it very well....
take a listen.
To read learn more
check out his blog at

October 3, 2012


How long to your bananas last before they start to turn brown? For years I've had bananas turn brown within just a few days. I always look for the green ones, but it never fails, I buy bananas over the weekend for that week of lunchboxes... but before we even get to midweek, they are starting to turn! I read somewhere... not to store the bananas still all attached in a bunch. No, I don't remember where I read this, but I thought I'd try it, I mean, why not?!

The last 3 times I bought bananas, I took them all apart. I kepr them in a bowl on the hutch, and sure enough, all three times... THEY STAYED YELLOW and each one made it into the lunch boxes!! YIPPIE!!! I wish I discovered this little piece of information YEARS AGO!

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