October 25, 2012

Home Grown Sweet 'Taters

Check out this crop of sweet potatoes!
 Pete dug these up last week and
was thrilled at the size and quantity!
The garden is not really this wet!
He sprayed the dirt off the potatoes so
he could take better pictures of them!
 .... not to mention the flavor!!
You can see the roots & the top of
what was the plant growing on top
of the ground!
These are a definite re-do for next season!
I couldn't get this picture to turn no
matter what I tried!!
Hopefully, you can still read the
scale: 9 POUNDS
Finishing up building a cold storage
that is MOUSE proof and cool enough
to keep potatoes & squash!

1 comment:

Arnie Superchi said...

Great pictures. Would love to try sweet potatoes next year. Lana mentioned trying these last year but didn't do it.