November 18, 2012


Legos are an ageless 'toy' from way back...
my brother, cousins and I LOVED our Legos!
Did you know they've been around since 1958
and were introduced in the United States in 1973.
Neither did I!
We had our family Thanksgiving over the weekend
and had 23 of us gathered, for the first time in
a very long time!!
I pulled a few games out to bring with us for after dinner, 
and then Audrey went looking for something specific!!
She found "THE TUB"!
What a treasure trove of memories!!
Some of the kid's creations were still in tact after all
these years!! In my mind I could hear the little voices
playing and yelling, laughing and bartering for pieces!!
Here they are now... ages 14 to 25!!
Ahhh, more memories in the making!
I love my family!

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